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Experiment, Explore & Play Course

What will I learn?

Experiment::question and ask what if...

Explore::push the boundaries, push your creativity further

Play::have fun, let go of negativity

And learn some basic bookbinding skills as each week we make a book and then fill it with creativity!

Who is this course for?

This course if for anyone who wants to be creative. I've taught everyone from beginners to professionals. I myself only started drawing and painting when I was in my mid-30s, so I remember very well what it's like to be a beginner. I also have been working professionally as a freelance artist for the past decade, so I know how nice it is to take a course and allow yourself to learn from someone else.

Do I need to be able to draw?

No. There are a few activities where I will show some drawing techniques, but I'm more concerned with getting you creating in any way that feels good to you.

This is also not a course that creates "copycat" artists - at the end of the course you won't draw/paint like me - you'll draw/paint like yourself. 

What will I gain?

My hope as a teacher is that you will gain confidence in yourself as an artist and in your artwork. I would like you to come away with a positive mindset when being creative. I hope that you'll gain a few simple book binding skills that will ignite a passion for the book arts. Mainly I hope that you'll find a sense of fun as you develop a regular creative practice that revolves around experimenting, exploring and playing.

Paint Brushes

Course Outline

Week One: Mark Making with Music - Slit book

Week Two: Patterns, Cracks, Faces - Sketchbooks, normal binding

Week Three: Spontaneous Stories - Sketchbooks, chain stitch binding

Week Four: Printmaking from home, Japanese stab binding

Week Five: Rest Week

Week Six: Get Messy, Kettle Stitch Binding

Week Seven: Concertina & Pop-Ups

Week Eight: Start a final project

Week Nine: Show & Tell Final Project, What's next?

The course is open to join from 19th April - 5th May.


Early Bird Bonus


Sign up between 19th April - 25th April and you'll get a one hour online Creative Mentoring session with me at the end of the course. As this is a new service, it's the only time I'll be offering it as an early bird bonus! Value £80

The course is limited to 10 spaces.


When will this course run?

The course starts Friday the 7th May and runs until Friday the 2nd July, 2021.

How much does it cost?

It's £120 for 9 weeks.

How is the course delivered?

This course is a mix of written, video and weekly live co-create sessions. Each week on a Wednesday the videos will be in the classroom. This gives you a chance to watch the videos ahead of time if you want to, but isn't necessary. I also go over the content in the live meet up. Then we'll meet on the Friday for our live co-create session. The live sessions are delivered via zoom.

What can I expect from a live co-create?

This is a chance for everyone to learn and share. The sessions usually start with a check-in to see how everyone is getting on. Then I will demonstrate that week's task and book binding skills. After that we have time to get on with creating.

How long is the live co-create?

It's two hours long.

What time is the live co-create?

The live co-create is delivered on each Friday from 1:30-3:30pm BST.

Is there any other time for the co-create?

I really like having the live co-create on a Friday as I feel it helps everyone unwind from the week and get set up for a creative weekend. Instead of ending the week feeling tired, you can get a boost of energy. 

Will the live co-creates be recorded?

Yes, BUT for me as a teacher I really encourage all students to attend the live co-create as this time together is so valuable. I also think it's valuable to have a set time for yourself to be creative each week.

How much time do I need in order to do the course?

Basically how much or how little time you spend on the course is up to you. However, I would say the minimum is giving yourself the gift of two hours each Friday to spend being creative with fellow creatives. If you are busy, I also talk about a lot of tricks that help you get ready for more regular creative sessions in your life as well as mindsets that might be holding you back.

How many people are on the course?

I really treasure the interaction I have as a teacher with my students so these courses are currently limited to 10 people to allow me to have a chance to feel like I can get to know each student over the 8 weeks.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the lessons for at least a year, but probably longer. To be honest - I haven't figured out this part yet! 

What materials do I need?

  • awl/embroidery needle

  • bulldog clips/clothes pegs

  • thread - sewing/embroidery/or waxed bookbinders

  • paper - various weights

  • thicker card paper

  • paints, acrylic/watercolour

  • paint brushes

  • pva glue/glue stick