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About Me

Hi - I'm Sasha. I really love teaching others how to let go of negative mindsets in order to create more freely, how to overcome the fear of a blank page and how to create a regular practice. I've taught people at all stages - those who think they "can't draw" to those who are very experienced...

Creative Offerings

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Happy Traveler

Experiment, Explore and Play Course

The main goal of this 9 week long live online course is to get you feeling more confident with how you experiment, explore and play while being creative. As a bonus along the way you'll also learn some basic book binding skills! 

Creative Mentoring

If it feels like your artistic journey is taking you on a convoluted path over rocky ground, then I can help!

Creative Virtual Assistant

Gain the freedom of time by outsourcing a lot of the jobs needed to run a creative business that take away from your studio time. 

Coming Soon!